• Hyperion was one of the twelve Titans of Ancient Greek Mythology and is also the Titan of Light. He is considered to be the second strongest of the Titans, only after Cronus/Saturn.
    • Hyperion was the lord of light, and known as the Titan of the East.
    • As Hyperion was known as the Titan of Light, the halo around his body, and its fiery appearance may refer to Helios, the Sun, which Homer sometimes referred to as Hyperion, then separated in the Theogony and Homeric Hymn.
  • The rings at around the center of this monster's chest is actually a representation of the Solar System complete with planets for each orbit.
  • All of the "Agent" Monsters have feathered wings, but the flame of "Master Hyperion" in the background of his card artwork appear to be in the shape of wings.
  • Hyperion was also referenced as an Astrology student in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

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