• This card is based around the stock character The Mad Scientist in fiction. Many believe this character archetype sprouted from Mary Shelley's character Dr. Victor Frankenstein, from her novel Frankenstein. A monster card based on Frankenstein's monster, "Cyber-Stein", has a very similar effect, paying life Points to Special Summon Fusion Monsters.
    • In a similar vein, this card's Japanese name contains a pun: "Madō" translates into "magical", but can also be interpreted as a transliteration of "mad"; thus, "Magical/Mad Scientist".
  • As seen in "Success Probability 0%", he seems to be friends with "Kozaky".
  • The background of this card slightly resembles the processing chambers from the Guyver franchise.
  • In card artworks, "Magical Scientist" is shown to have purple hair. However, his hair is brown in the anime.

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