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  • This card is an Xyz Monster upgrade of "Dark Magician Girl" and a possible female counterpart to "Ebon Illusion Magician".
    • She can be used to summon "Ebon Illusion Magician" with his effect.
    • This card was made Rank 6 as a reference to "Dark Magician Girl" being Level 6. This also allows "Dark Magician Girl" to be used as Xyz Material for this card.
  • This card could be also a female counterpart to "Sorcerer of Dark Magic", as they both need Level 6 Spellcaster-Type monsters for their summon, and they are the strongest variations of their base forms, respectively "Dark Magician Girl" and "Dark Magician".
  • This card's artwork is based on the anniversary artwork of "Dark Magician" both of which were drawn by Kazuki Takahashi.
    • In both works, Takahashi redraws the iconic monsters with darker colors and outfits. He also uses a more realistic, flesh-like style.
    • According to the Duel Art artbook by Kazuki Takahashi, this art was originally intended to be simply another "Dark Magician Girl" art to act as a female counterpart to the anniversary art of "Dark Magician." It was later made into a new Xyz Monster.
  • The letters that appear in the circle are Cyrillic.
  • An ankh (a symbol of revival) is on her chest, very possibly referring to the second effect of this card.

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