• This card's name refers to the French dessert '"Madeleine", a small, shell shaped sponge cake.
    • This card's English name is a combination of the words "Magic" or "Magician", and the name and dessert, Madeleine. "Magic" + "Madeleine" = "Magileine"
    • This card's Japanese name is a combination of the Japanese word for witch "Majo" and the name and dessert, Madeleine. "Majo" + "Madeleine" = "Majoleine". Besides, "madeleine" is pronounced "madorēnu" in Japanese.
  • One of the forks in the artwork of "Madolche Lesson" is the fork "Magileine" uses.
  • At the end of her fork are three Madeleine cakes, which is the dessert she is named after.
  • This monster, along with "Madolche Butlerusk" and "Madolche Puddingcess" appear on the sign for the school festival's "Monster cafe" in episode 92 of the ZEXAL anime. The sign is modeled after a Spell Card and the three monsters can be seen having tea in the picture, so it may be a reference to the art of "Madolche Tea Break".

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