• The Japanese name for this card is "MAKROKOSMOS", from the Greek "μακροκόσμος", which translates to macrocosmos in English.
  • In the Kabbalah, there is a representation of the "Adam Kadmon", and the "Tree of Life", with a union of energies called Sefirot, which are depicted in this card artwork.
    • Here we see the first six of them: KETER (Crown), HOKHMAH (Wisdom), BINAH (Understanding), DAAT (Knowledge), GEVURAH (Judgement) and HESED (Mercy), lacking the other four. Those which aren't shown are TIFERET (Beauty), HOD (Ascention), NEZAH (Victory), YESUD (Foundation) and MALKHUT (Kingdom).
    • The true name of this representation is actually the "MIKROKOSMOS" .
  • The Spanish print of the Ra Yellow Mega Pack version of this card suffered from an errata and what seems to be a botched translation from English: where it says "Mientras esta carta esté en boca arriba el Campo, cualquier carta mandada al Cementerio es, en vez, desterrada", it should say "Mientras esta carta esté boca arriba en el Campo, cualquier carta mandada al Cementerio es, en su lugar, desterrada".

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