• Its ATK and DEF are equal to the combined ATK and DEF of the Tributes required to Summon it, similar to "Master of Oz" and "Reaper on the Nightmare", whose Fusion Material Monsters' respective ATK and DEF add up to their respective ATK and DEF.
    • This monster's appearance is a combination of the three monsters used as Tribute to Summon it: "Machina Soldier" making the legs and head, "Machina Sniper" making the body, and "Machina Defender" making the lower torso, feet and upper turrets.
  • This is the only monster with 4600 ATK as well as the only monster with 4100 DEF.
  • This card, along with "Machina Sniper" and "Machina Defender", has its guns edited to look like lasers for the TCG art.

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