• This card is based on Loki, the renowned Norse trickster.
    • This card's effect could be an homage to its inspiration, because of its ability to retrieve Traps from the Graveyard.
    • Another inspiration is this card's artwork depicting it with a fiendish smile.
  • This cards share the same Type and Attribute as Thor and Odin in the anime.
    • Of all of the Divine monsters with predetermined ATK, "Loki" has the lowest with only 3300, though that is generally considered the price of being the easiest Aesir monster to Synchro Summon, due to "Mara of the Nordic Alfar's" effect.
    • "Odin, Father of the Aesir" has the highest ATK and DEF of all three. "Loki" has 700 less ATK and 500 less DEF than him, while "Thor" has 500 less ATK and 700 less DEF.
  • In the anime, "Loki" is the shortest of the three "Aesir" monsters; "Thor" is the second tallest, and "Odin" is the tallest.
  • The field of ice in the background could possibly be a allusion to the Vigrid Plain, which is where Ragnarok is fought.
  • A monster resembling "Loki" makes an appearance in the artwork of an earlier-released card, "Soul Taker".

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