• "Mystical Knight of Jackal" appears in this card's artwork.
    • It appears to be the monster being shuffled into the Deck as this card's effect's cost.
    • Below it are two monsters (from left to right) that have a rather strong resemblance to "Basic Insect" and "Hayabusa Knight" respectively.
    • In this card's artwork, there are 3 monsters based on the jackal, the falcon and the scarab beetle. These animals are often found in Egyptian mythology.
  • This card's effect and name are arguably paradoxical. You first lighten your Hand by returning a Level 7 or higher monster back to your Deck, yet you then Draw a new card from your Deck, effectively retaining the same amount of cards in your Hand beforehand.
    • The same idea can be applied to your Deck, albeit in reverse; here this "load" is first made heavier with the returned card back in the Deck and then lightened to the Deck count beforehand after the card is drawn.
    • The term "lighten" is probably meant to be used in a functional sense, due to monsters of level 7 or higher being difficult to summon without the aid of other monster's effects.