• The artwork of this card is depicting the destruction of "Realm of Light" by some unseen force, though likely the actual "Light of Destruction".
    • This and this card's effect can be an analogy: The excess of light is destroying the Realm of Light, and this card can speed up the milling effect of Lightsworns, causing a deckout.
      • If this card is on your field while the opponent has "Realm of Light" out, it could drastically increase the ATK of their Lightsworns. This could be seen as ironic, or as that Light of Destruction is over-charging the Lightsworns with power.
    • Comparing this cards' artwork to the artwork of Realm of Light shows that this cards' artwork is simply the "Realm of Light", heavily edited.
  • This card is similar to a Mill version of "Dark Room of Nightmare".

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