• "Lava Golem" and "Grinder Golem" have many similarities:
    • Both monsters must be Special Summoned under your opponent's control.
    • Both require 2 monsters to be Summoned, but this card requires Tributes while "Grinder Golem" provides 2 monsters for the player who Summoned it.
    • After the Special Summon, neither monster allows Normal Summoning or Setting another monster during the same turn.
    • Both monsters also have 3000 ATK.
  • As most of Yami Marik's primary cards are based on torture devices, this card seems to be based upon torture through hot temperatures or burning.
    • The person being imprisoned in a cage while "Lava Golem" stares the victim down is likely a reference to what happened to Joey Wheeler during his Duel with Marik: Joey (the enemy Duelist) is in the cage and the "Golem" melts onto the duelist, burning them and taking away their Life Points.

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