• This card's name is the wordplay of the two cities in Japan, the reverse form of current Japan's capital city Tokyo (Romanized as "Toukyou") and the slightly corrupted version of the former Imperial capital city of Japan Kyoto (Romanized as "Kyouto").
    • This is supported by the tower illustrated in this card's artwork, which resembles the combination of the top of Tokyo Tower and Kyoto Tower.
    • Interestingly, Tokyo is the most attacked city by the Kaijus in Tokusatsu. On the other hands, Kyoto, hardly mentioned in Tokusatsu franchises since it received the least number of attacks.
  • The fact that this card is on a waterfront may be a reference to the fact that in Kaiju films, many Kaiju (namely Godzilla) will arise from the water to attack a city.

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