• This card's name is a combination of the the Japanese terms "き" - ki (spirit), and "りゅう" - ryu (dragon) -- literally, 'spirit dragon'.
    • This may be misunderstood because the Japanese word of this card name is "騎竜" which "騎" pronounce "き" - "ki" means 'to ride(an animal or bike)' not "気" that also pronounce "き" - "ki" that means 'spirit' or 'mind'. "竜" pronounce "りゅう"-"ryu" means 'dragon' so that "騎竜" means 'riding dragon' but the correct meaning should be 'knight dragon' when these two words come together.
  • This Monster has the same level, Type, Attribute, ATK, and DEF as "Curse of Dragon".

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