• Multiple copies of "Skull Servant" and/or this monster appear in this card's artwork.
  • The highest ATK "King of the Skull Servants" can gain via its own effect is a total score of 17000 points (You can have max. 2 other copies of this card, 3 copies of "Skull Servant", 3x "The Lady in Wight", 3x "Wightmare". 3x "Wightprince", 3x "Wightprincess" in your GY.), which is quite impressive for a Level 1 monster who's not bound to any draw-back conditions.
  • Taken in context with the Pojo thread, Kevin Tewart hinted in a post on Pojo that this card (and potentially the rest of the "Wight" series) was the result of him mentioning to Konami the popularity of "Skull Servant" in places like Pojo.