• This monster is an upgraded version of "Des Feral Imp"; both have the same Attribute, Type, Level/Rank, and their Japanese names include "gremlin". "Des Feral Imp" itself is an upgraded version of "Feral Imp".
  • This card's Japanese name is a portmanteau of the words "king" and "gremlin". It could also be interpreted as a portmanteau of "kin" (the Japanese word for gold or a synonym for "children") and "gremlin", since he is surrounded by tiny, gold-colored gremlins, a significant portion of his body is the color gold, and there are pieces of raw gold in the background.
  • This monster's design is based on the gremlins from the 1984 horror-comedy film Gremlins.
    • This card's effect may also references the movie, as when a gremlin gets wet, they multiply; this card's effect allows the controller to obtain a Reptile-Type monster from their Deck when Xyz Material is detached from it.
  • This monster appears in the artwork of "Xyz Trip".

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