• Excluding "Karakuri Spider", this is the first "Karakuri" monster that is not human-shaped.
    • Excluding "Karakuri Spider", this is also the only "Karakuri" monster (that is not a Synchro Monster) whose name doesn't follow the pattern of "ABC", where "A" and "B" are two separate numbers and "C" is the product of those numbers.
  • The Shinkuro of this card's name is the Romaji reading for Synchro, showing a relation to Synchro Monsters; this can also be seen by the fact that it is a Tuner monster. Also, the "ku" in its name is one pronunciation of 9 in Japanese; the "ro" is another way of pronouncing 6, from its model number: 96.
  • "96" is written in Japanese on the front panel of this monster: 真九六.

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