• This monster is based on Seto Kaiba. Its Japanese name "カイバーマン" (Kaibāman) may be a pun on "Kaiba" and "Superman" (スーパーマン Sūpāman).
  • In episode 34 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Kaibaman is wearing a card necklace just like the one Kaiba and Mokuba wore, but there isn't a necklace on the monster or it isn't shown due to the position of its right hand.
  • In the anime, Kaibaman used a Deck similar to Seto Kaiba's.
    • Also in the anime, Kaiba supposedly designed this card.
  • A part of this card's Japanese name translates to "Ally of Justice". However, the actual archetype "Ally of Justice" is anti-support for LIGHT monsters, whereas "Kaibaman" is indeed a LIGHT monster. Furthermore, they have different writings despite being read the same.