• The Japanese name for this card, Jigou jitoku, is a common Buddhist saying which is often translated as "You reap what you sow".
  • The name of the card is an eggcorn, a commonly misplaced word or phrase of similarly sound and meaning. The correct spelling of the phrase has one "s". The dictionary defines "deserts" as "that which one deserves". Any reference to food or "eating one's just desserts" with this idiom is erroneous usage, although the misspelling is occasionally used deliberately as a play on words.
    • Whichever the correct application is, in the American Spanish dub of the series, this card's name was translated as "Sólo Desierto" which is translated as "Just Desert". The confusion was probably due to poor translation and the existing homophony and cognates of Desserts-Desert-Desierto.
  • In the German anime show this card was named "Selber Schuld" which means "serves you right".

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