• This monster is based on Jiaotu, one of the 9 sons of the dragon according to Sheng'an Waiji by the poet Yang Shen. According to lore, its motif decorates entrances, akin to its introverted nature and dislike of being disturbed constantly.
  • This monster appears to be "Bixi, Water of the Yang Zing" Wearing the armor of "Shaddoll Squamata" (formerly belonging to "Satellarknight Unukalhai", Unukalhai's ring is also present in his mouth). It is unknown how Bixi came to possess the armor and ring, or whether or not it was voluntary.
    • The golden snake-like object/entity that was formerly wrapped around Squamata is also present; now wrapped around Jiaotu's neck.
    • This card also has the same Level, ATK and DEF as Bixi.

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