• This card's Japanese name is a reference to the "Constellar" and "Lswarm" archetypes. Also, it is a homophone for "Corrosion of the Holy", referring to Sophia itself, as Sophia is supposed to end the war and creates peace, yet it turns out she does it by eradicating everything, including the "protagonists" (the Constellars and the Gem-Knights), identical to what the Vylons eventually did.
    • Ironically, despite of the homophone, it was the Vylons who are holy monsters who got corrupted, while Sophia herself actually did the destruction on her own will.
  • This card reflects the fact that Sombre and Kerykeion were born using the banished bodies of their members (Constellar and Evilswarm) and they are working together to end Sophia's cycles of destruction and creation by destroying her.

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