• This card is inspired on Izanagi-no-mikoto . He along with his spouse and sister Izanami gave birth to many islands, deities, and forefathers of Japan. When she died he gave birth to three more Gods; Amaterasu the Sun Goddess, Tsukuyomi the Moon God and Susano'o the Storm God.
  • The object in this monster's right hand most likely is the Ame-no-nuhoko or "heavenly jewelled spear". A spear given to Izanagi and Izanami to raise the primordial land-mass, Onōgoro-shima, from the sea.
  • This is the only Monster with the "Spirit World" on its background without being a Spirit monster.
    • This is also the only non-Spirit Monster that supports the Spirit Monsters.
  • Together with "Izanami" their attributes make the Kanji for Feng Shui (風水).

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