• This monster is based on Lilith, a female demon in Jewish mythology. Lilith is variously identified as one of the archetypical female demons, the first wife of Adam, and one of the 4 demon mates of Samael– the Angel of Death, and cohort to Na'amah in mothering the demonic children of Adam– the Plagues of Mankind.
  • This monster and "Infernoid Onuncu" are functional opposites; they have the same summoning condition and respectively destroy all Spell/Trap cards when summoned or all Monster cards when summoned. Each can also tribute a monster to respectively negate a Monster effect or Spell/Trap card.
    • The two also share several similarities; both are serpentine creatures and are the only "Infernoid" monsters to have no nonzero ATK or DEF scores, and also have equal ATK and DEF. They are also two of the Fusion Material Monsters for "Infernoid Tierra". This may relate to the fact that the demons on which they are based are cohorts in mythology.
  • Devyaty translates as ninth in Russian, referring to this monster's Level.

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