• Some of the "Archfiend" cards are chess themed, including seven monsters, each featuring a chessboard pattern backround, all of whom are based on a chesspiece.
    • "Imprisoned Queen Archfiend" is based on the 'Queen'.
    • This card's background is different from the rest, featuring the chessboard pattern but in the form of a cube, indicating its 'imprisonment'.
      • The 'Imprisoned' part of this card's name may refer to the fact that, in chess, pieces are 'taken prisoner'. It can also be concluded that the name refers to this card's effect activating while 'imprisoned' in the Graveyard.
  • While this card's English name states that it is imprisoned, its Japanese name is simply "Prison Queen Demon", implying that, rather than being a prisoner, this card is the ruler of the prison.
    • The French name for this card is a litteral translation of its Japanese name. This is why its French name doesn't include the word "Archfiend" ("Archdémon"), but "Demon" ("Démon") instead. This French card still must be played as an "Archfiend".

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