• This card's name refers to Homeostasis; a systemic property in which all balances of a system– mechanical or biological– are stable and relatively constant. In biological systems, a homeostatic imbalance (such as low sodium, high body temperature, etc.) triggers emotional feedback aimed at restoring the balance (like, respectively, craving salty food or the desire to move to a cooler location).
    • The name as a whole is an accurate description of this card's effects, as the equipped monster becomes "immortal" through indestructibility, as long as its ATK remains constant. If its ATK changes, the spell inflicts damage to encourage the player to "restore balance."
  • "Maha Vailo" appears in this card's artwork. This makes sense since this card acts as a good counter to "Maha Vailo": it would gain ATK when equipped with a spell card, meaning that the "Vailo's" owner would lose life points each turn.

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