• This card's Japanese name is a cross between sylph and undine, which are the names for the nymphs of wind and water respectively in Greek mythology.
    • This is fitting for this monster, given her feminine appearance and her Type (Winged Beast, for sylph) and Attribute (WATER for undine).
    • Its TCG name represents a modification and a pun for its initial name and "zero", which most likely refers to absolute zero temperature.
  • This card could also be considered a counterpart to "Infernal Flame Vixen":
    • Both are Rank 4 Xyz Monsters.
    • Their Attributes are commonly referred to as counterparts to one another.
    • Both require type-specific Xyz Materials.
    • Their ATK and DEF are reversed.
    • Both are female.
    • Both have two effects: one which alters their ATKs for the duration of two turns, and another effect.
      • Interestingly, their effects, like their ATK and DEF, are also reversed (this card's ATK-gaining effect must activate after its previous effect has resolved, while Vixen's ATK-gaining should be activated before its other effect).
    • In their artworks, both are facing reverse directions to one another; also both artworks contain a noticeable arc, which are also on opposite sides of the artwork. This further indicates a yin-yang relationship between the two.
    • Although more coincidental, the two are consecutive in alphabetical order in a List of Xyz Monsters. Also, they were released in consecutive sets.

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