• This monster is named after the Shinto god of fire. After the unintentional death of his mother "Izanami" when he was born, his father, "Izanagi", retaliated against Kagutsuchi by killing him. His remains eventually gave birth to other gods.
  • Prior to "Amaterasu", this card had the highest ATK of all Spirit Monsters, a title kept for 15 years.
  • This monster and "Yamata Dragon" had the highest combined ATK and DEF of all Spirit monsters, making a total of 5700 each. The highest combined ATK and DEF of all Spirit monsters now belongs to Amaterasu, making a total of 6000
    • Their effects are also complementary; while "Yamata Dragon" makes you draw until you have five cards in your hand; "Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi" makes your opponent discard their entire hand.
  • This card has the highest DEF of all Pyro-Type monsters.