• In economic terms, a 'slump' is a sudden economic downturn or recession, much as how this card's effect abruptly diminishes the opponent's hand.
  • The words around "Goblin of Greed" are: 'stocks', 'orange juice', 'soybeans', 'pork bellies', 'futures' and 'copper', which are all traditional examples of publicly traded goods and commodities.
    • Of these words, 'copper' was the only word that was added into the TCG artwork, as this card's OCG artwork does not feature brown-colored kanji.
    • In clockwise order, from the bottom-left, the kanji 小麦粉, あずき, 大豆, 自社株 and 先物 in the OCG artwork of this card mean flour, red beans, soybeans, stocks and futures, respectively.

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