• Of all the Field Searcher monsters, "Harpie Queen" is the only one that doesn't have the background of the Field Spell that it can search.
  • "Harpie Queen" has the highest ATK for a card that is treated as "Harpie Lady".
  • Though there are other cards with the effect to change their name, this is the first one to have its name treated differently while it is in the Graveyard.
  • For some reason, "Harpie Queen" is depicted such that there is only 1 visible talon hand (as the end of the other wing goes off the edge of the card).
    • In Duel Terminal, you do see two full wings, and both have a talon hand.
  • In Duel 018 of the Duelist manga, Mai Valentine referred to a group of powered-up "Harpie Lady Sisters" as "Harpie Queens." This is likely coincidental, as they bore little resemblance to this card.

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