• This monster appears in the artwork of "Spirit Hunting".
  • In the anime, this is the only "Guardian" monster that does not need an Equip Spell Card on the field in order to be Summoned, requiring instead the destruction of "Guardian Eatos".
    • Indeed, this monster and "Guardian Eatos" (the only other "Guardian" to not have this Summoning Condition in the real game) are the only two such "Guardian" monsters to not have their correlating Equip Spell weapon visible in their artwork.
  • Comparing this card's artwork to that of "Guardian Eatos" suggests that this card is a darker, "fallen" version of "Eatos", as the dress is identical to the one "Eatos" wears, and the wings are lowered and recolored black.
    • This is further suggested by their Types: "Eatos" is a Fairy-type monster while "Guardian Dreadscythe" is a Fiend-type monster. Also, "Dreadscythe" "rises" (summoned) after "Eatos" "falls" (destroyed).

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