• "Grinder Golem" and the card "Lava Golem" have many similarities:
    • Both monsters must be Special Summoned under your opponent's control.
    • Both require 2 monsters to be Summoned, but this card requires Tributes while "Grinder Golem" provides 2 monsters for the player who Summoned it.
    • After the Special Summon, neither monster allows Normal Summoning or Setting another monster during the same turn.
    • Both monsters also have 3000 ATK.
    • Both monsters are Golems, as their names say.
    • Both are Fiend-Type monsters.
      • Yet also both monsters don't have a typical fiend-like physical appearance; "Lava-Golem" looks more like a Pyro-Type and "Grinder Golem" looks Machine-Type like.
    • Also in the anime, both cards are used by secondary characters who were at one point bedeviled under the influence of a more perverse character ("Lava Golem" is used by Marik Ishtar, when he was under the influence of his dark counterpart, whereas this card is used by Jesse Anderson, when he temporarily served as Yubel's host.)