• This card also has similarities to "Nirvana High Paladin".
    • They have the same Level, Attribute, ATK, and DEF. (A Level 10 DARK monster with 3300 ATK and 2500 DEF)
    • They have a similar Material requirement.
    • Both are used by a main character. (Yuya and Yuri)
    • Both are Summoned from the Extra Deck only once, though they are brought back to the field later. (Episodes 97 and 131)
    • Both have a highly offensive effect, a Graveyard recovery effect, and an effect that activates when they are destroyed.
  • This card can be considered the Fusion counterpart to "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" and "Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon" as they all share the following similar traits:
    • They are the evolved form of one of the Four Dimension Dragons.
    • They have 500 more ATK and DEF than their base counterpart.
    • They are at least 1 Level/Rank higher than their base counterpart.
  • Like its previous form, this card has several distinctions from the other evolutions of the Four Dimension Dragons:
    • It is the only evolution to not have 3000 ATK. (Instead, it has 3300 ATK)
    • It is the only evolution to not be 1 Level/Rank higher than its base counterpart. (Instead, it is 2 Levels higher than "Starving Venom")
    • It is the only evolution to specifically require a monster from the archetype its owner uses as one of its Materials. (In this case, Yuri's "Predaplant" monsters)
      • This makes "Greedy Venom" the least splashable of the evolution trio.
    • It is the only evolution without an effect that increases its ATK.
    • It is the only evolution that was not first summoned while its owner was in unison with Yuya (though he was awakened at the time Yuri summoned "Greedy Venom").
    • It is the only evolution that did not finish off the opponent the turn it is initially summoned for the first time. ("Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon" caused the effect of "Destiny HERO - Dynatag" to end the duel between Yuya/Yuto and Aster Phoenix in a DRAW)
      • However, Yuri did manage to finish two of his three opponents off with this card.
    • Like "Starving Venom", this monster does not possess an Attack or Effect name either.

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