• For some reason, the crosses in this card's TCG artwork were not edited out, however, this card does have the crosses removed in Dark Legends.
  • Despite the fact that this card includes Gravekeeper's (墓守) in its name, it does not support the Gravekeeper's archetype.
    • The card's artwork also does not seem to relate to the Gravekeeper's Ancient Egyptian theme, suggesting a different Gravekeeper.
      • This statement isn't entirely true, as this card can however combo with Necrovalley (While not a Gravekeeper's card it is a part of their archetype), as in most cases they will have to choose to permanently give up a card (as many cards will not have an effect that can return them to the game) to declare an attack. This was much more effective before the errata of Necrovalley in which case removing necrovalley was the only way to remove a card from the graveyard.
  • If one looks closely at this card's artwork, the demon in the picture is uncensored in all versions, still having horns (albeit small) and a spade tail.

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