• This monster resembles Thief King Bakura in many ways: similar white hair, similar torn clothes, and the ruins in the artwork's background could be a reference to his destroyed village, Kul Elna. It is continuing the trend of newly released "Gravekeeper's" monsters resembling characters from the second series anime.
  • This monster also resembles Marik Ishtar. This is fitting as the "Gravekeeper's" seemingly resemble the Tomb Keepers, and Marik defied all of their traditions by murdering his father and leaving the tomb; in other words becoming a heretic. And similar to how this card doesn't gain the benefits of Necrovalley, Marik was no longer welcome among the Tomb Keepers (at least at the start of the series).
  • The fact this monster breaks the tradition of "Gravekeeper's" monsters having hieroglyphic symbols in their background artworks fittingly reflects its status as a "heretic."

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