• Much like the Japanese name suggests, there was a cross in the background of the OCG artwork that was edited out in the TCG to avoid religious affront but was still shown on the dub card in the GX anime.
  • The Japanese name of this card (Grand Cross) was also an attack used by a handful of bosses in Final Fantasy games that inflicted random status effects.
    • A Grand cross is an astrological event where four planets are aligned in such a way that they are 90 degrees apart from each other and form a perfect cross. The planets are each of a different elemental alignment (fire, wind, earth, water), and thus a Grand Cross is often seen as a sign of tension and inability to progress because the different aspects of the personality are at odds with each other.
  • The card artwork is likely a depiction of our solar system before 2006, when Pluto was counted as the Solar System's ninth planet, hence why there are 9 rings being the orbit of all 9 planets.

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