• This monster is based on the Gorgon, a mythological creature. Its effect of making monsters' ATK become 0 is a reference to the Gorgon's ability to turn people into stone.
    • Furthermore, Nash used a mirror shield to defeat this monster, referencing how Medusa was defeated by Perseus.
  • This monster has heterochromia (its left eye is red, while its right eye is blue).
  • "Gorgonic Guardians" where the monsters with the soldiers of Vector's army in his past life.
  • This card is similar to "Mist Bird Clausolas" as both are Level/Rank 3 monsters with an effect that makes the ATK of an opponent's monster 0 and negates its effects for one turn.
  • In the English dub, the music used for a "Number" monster being Summoned was used for the Summoning of this card.