• This card's name, "homunculus", means "little man" in Latin. Its name likely refers to its relatively low original ATK and DEF (1500) for a Level 6 monster. Homunculus is also the name of a being created by alchemy.
  • This card being golden is likely another alchemy reference, since much of alchemy was focused on the transmutation of lesser metals into gold.
  • "Golden Homunculus" has some similarities with "Shadow Ghoul". Both are one-Tribute monsters with relatively low ATK that grow stronger based on the number of cards in a certain zone (Banished cards for "Golden Homunculus" and Monster Cards in the Graveyard for "Shadow Ghoul"). Both cards also have lower-level counterparts with no base ATK, but a higher bonus per card ("Gren Maju Da Eiza" and "Chaos Necromancer", respectively).
    • However, "Golden Homunculus" gains more ATK per banished card than "Shadow Ghoul" gains per Monster card in the Graveyard; possibly to counteract its higher level, lower base ATK, and relatively higher difficulty in banishing large amounts of cards compared to getting Monster Cards in the Graveyard.