• This card and "Sillva, Warlord of Dark World" are based on the two antagonists featured in the Japanese Television Series Monkey Magic called Kin-Koku and Gin-Koku (Translated, Gold Horn and Silver Horn), who were Kings of the Underworld.
    • Their name might as well be based on two important pieces in the japanese chess game, Shogi, the Gold and Silver Generals.
  • This card appears in the artwork of "Dark World Lightning" and "Dark Smog".
  • "Wǔ" is the pinyin transcription of the Han character "武" as in "武神" ("war god")
  • "Goldd" is titled as an emperor due to the word Wu-Lord being in the title.
  • This monster's name and weapon are similar to the Golden Axe from some of the Konami's Castlevania games.
  • This card's Chinese name, 金爾多, is a combination of 金 ("gold"), 爾 ěr (transcription of the phoneme /l/ as in gold) and 多 duō (transcription/transliteration of ド do as in its Japanese name ゴル Gorudo).
  • According to Master Guide 2, "Goldd" and "Sillva" are the heads of the Dark World's military and serve beneath "Reign-Beaux," the political and religious authority, and "Goldd" is in fact the junior partner of the two. The two are in turn immediate superiors to "Brron," though this was portrayed in the exact opposite way in the anime.
  • This card's effect parallels that of "Sillva, Warlord of Dark World", except instead of returning 2 cards from the opponent's hand to the bottom of their Deck, this card's effect destroys an equal number of cards they control.

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