• This monster has the lowest original ATK of all "Gladiator Beast" Fusion Monsters.
  • This is the only "Gladiator Beast" monster to be based on a type of ancient Roman fighter that already exist as a "Gladiator Beast" monster - "Gladiator Beast Andal" is the first one to be based on "andabatae".
  • This monster is the only "Gladiator Beast" Fusion Monster that lists an specific Fusion Material Monster (Gladiator Beast Augustus) that allows to Special Summon its material with its tagging out effect.
  • This monster also seems to be an evolved form of "Gladiator Beast Secutor" due its appearance (in the anime, both Augustus and Secutor were used to Fusion Summon this monster). Although this monster is a Beast-Warrior monster, it resembles to a Reptile or Dinosaur monster (this monster is based on a Hadrosaurid).