• This card is "Steelswarm Hercules" revived as an "Evigishki".
    • This card has the same ATK, DEF and Level as "Steelswarm Hercules".
    • You have to pay Life Points to activate both monsters' effects.
    • According to the Overlay Guide 2, "Zielgigas" was brought back from the dead by the power of the "Gishki", who were controlled by the "lswarm", and gave the "lswarm" a fighting chance, but they were pushed back by "Gem-Knight Master Diamond", the ultimate "Gem-Knight" fusion.
  • This card's appearance also appears to be quite similar to Bhagwan Shiva; the Hindu deity representing destruction as it bears two sets of arms and Indian-esque armor.
  • This monster and "Gishki Psychelone" are, so far, the only "Gishki" Ritual Monsters that do not have the prefix "Evi-" in the name.
    • However, this is due to a misprinting, as both monsters have "Evi-" ("イビ-") in their Japanese names.
  • This card has the highest ATK and Level of all Aqua-Type monsters.
  • This card appear in the artwork of "Spell Wall".

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