• This monster is "Gishki Noellia", infected by the "Evilswarm" virus ("Infestation Infection"), as shown in the artwork of "Creeping Darkness". However, compared to other infected monsters, "Gishki Noellia" is not completely corrupted by the virus, as her name remains unchanged.
    • The symbol of the "Evilswarm" can be seen on the chair-like device that this monster is sitting on, the corrupted "Gishki Aquamirror" she is holding, and faintly on her torso.
  • This monster and "Gishki Zielgigas" are, so far, the only "Gishki" Ritual Monsters that do not have the prefix "Evi-" in the name.
    • However, this is due to a misprinting, as both monsters have "Evi-" ("イビ-") in their Japanese names.
  • This monster bears a strong resemblance to "Infested Kerrigan" from the StarCraft video-game franchise. Both characters have been born human, but later by a turn of events had become infested/infected by a Swarm of Insect-like creatures. Before their initial transformation, both had worn white clothes and have had their red hair tied in a single braid behind their head.