• "Gishki Noellia" is the leader of the Gishki tribe and a former member of the Ice Barrier tribe. She plays an integral role in the events of the Duel Terminal world's story. These events include:
    • Noellia along with "Gishki Natalia" attempted to summon and control the sealed away Steelswarm demons ("Trial and Tribulation") in an attempt to stop the Fabled during the previous war. They failed to control them which resulted in the death of Natalia (who became a Spirit monster), and Noellia becoming possessed by the evil spirit of the Steelswarm.
    • After the first Duel Terminal war against the "Fabled" ended, Noellia fostered the orphaned children of the Gishki and Gusto tribes as pictured in "After the Storm".
    • The fight against the Steelswarm continued in the subsequent years. And the Gishki and Gusto tribes fought together as allies ("Evigishki Merrowgeist"). But the Steelswarm were too powerful and the Vylons eventually intervene. The Vylons bestow to Noellia "Vylon Tetra". She uses Tetra along with the "Forbidden Arts of the Gishki" to transform into "Evigishki Tetrogre".
    • Using the forbidden arts awakens the dormant spirit that she contracted during her initial encounter with "Steelswarm Hercules"; the "Creeping Darkness" then consumes her.
    • Noellia becomes more corrupted and malevolent due to the virus; she betrays the Gusto, becomes obsessed with Rituals, and even kills her own daughter "Gishki Emilia" during the rites of "Aquamirror Illusion".
    • Noellia is eventually completely consumed by the virus and becomes "Evigishki Psychelone". She then uses the "Gishki Aquamirror" to revive the fallen leader of the Steelswarm as "Evigishki Zielgigas". Under Zielgigas’ command, the Gishki attack the other archetypes. Psychelone summons the fallen members of the previous war under Evilswarm influence, including the sealed Dragons of the Ice Barrier. ("Evilswarm Bahamut", "Evilswarm Ophion", and "Evilswarm Ouroboros")
    • Eventually, the Constellars descend and fight the spread of the Evilswarm virus. "Constellar Pollux" and his brother Castor face Psychelone. Castor sacrifices himself and the "Constellar Meteor" relieves "Noellia" of the Lswarm’s control. But, it moves on to its new host: "Evilswarm Castor".
    • "Gishki Avance" eventually seeks out Noellia and together they devise a plan. Avance and Noellia then revive the deceased Emilia ("Aquamirror Cycle"). Immediately afterward, "Zielgigas" attacks the three, and Noellia vanquishes Zielgigas with the magic of the Ice Barrier, avenging the death of her friend Natalia and saving Avance and Emilia. ("Spell Wall")
    • Noellia then comes forth to the Constellars. She, the wielder of the Aquamirror, knows of a way to seal the Ice Barrier/Evilswarm dragons back into the Aquamirror. She gives the Aquamirror to "Constellar Rasalhague", who then uses it to reverse the summoning of the Evilswarm dragons and uses their combined power to transform into "Evilswarm Kerykeion".
  • The events of the Duel Terminal story in which Noellia is involved can be mapped chronologically by Noellia's appearance.
    • She wears white robes and her hair is worn with a single braid during the events of the first war.
    • She switched to her Gishki clothing between the events of the first and second war and wears them into the second arc before she transforms into Psychelone.
    • The infection takes hold and she appears as Psychelone during some events of the second war.
    • After she is freed from Evilswarm influence and her helmet is shattered, her hair is worn down.

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