• Despite its name, this card is not based on a Tyrannosaurus but instead appears to be based on either a Spinosaurus or another veliferous spinosaurid.
    • If so, the kingly connotation of this card's name may allude to Spinosaurus's size, as it is the largest carnivorous dinosaur in existence.
  • Despite the fact that this card is an Effect Monster that has been used in multiple series of the anime, its anime effect has never been revealed or mentioned, and the card text when shown has always been illegible (seen at too far a distance) or obscured (such as by the hand of the character holding the card). The only known text is "If your opponent controls no monsters...".
    • In the OCG/TCG, this card cannot attack directly, implying that its effect in the anime is "If your opponent controls no monsters, this card cannot attack".

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