• This card effects are related to one respective Archetype.
    • This card's EARTH effect is very similar to that of the "Ancient Gears", which are themselves EARTH monsters.
    • This card's FIRE effect is a Burn effect, commonly found in FIRE Archetypes, such as "Volcanics".
    • This card's LIGHT effect supports LIGHT Flip monsters, like "Worms". (Ironically, the "Ally of Justice" monsters were mainly designed to counter the "Worms".)
  • The Triforce is also the name of one of the main plots from The Legend of Zelda.
    • The three points of the Triforce, Wisdom, Power, and Courage, are represented by blue, red, and green respectively. There are three barrels on this card's gun, with a red shell and a blue shell loaded in two of the barrels and a third barrel without a shell (presumably fired). It is possible that the barrel without a shell originally held a green shell.
      • In addition, the effects of this card can also be seen as references to the three individual pieces of the Triforce. With EARTH giving the confidence to attack without fear, FIRE giving the power needed to damage your enemies, and LIGHT allowing the use of some mysterious magic.
  • This is a counterpart to "Genex Ally Triarm".
    • Both have opposite color schemes.
      • This also somewhat applies to "Genex Ally Duradark", since they both have the red "face visor"
    • Both use opposite attributes for their effect. This card uses EARTH, FIRE and LIGHT while "Triarm" uses WIND, WATER, and DARK.
    • Both have similar guns on opposite arms.
  • This may be the first and only "Ally Genex" to support light monsters with its effects, whereas the rest of the "Ally Genex" seem to focus on anti light.
  • This monster resembles Ultron from Marvel Comics.

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