• This card, along with "Gem-Knight Lazuli", are the first female "Gem-Knights" to be shown.
    • This is the first female "Gem-Knight" Fusion to be shown.
  • This card is unable to be Fusion Summoned with solely "Gem-Knight" monsters (unless "DNA Transplant" makes all monsters LIGHT), and is the first "Gem-Knight" Fusion Monster with this trait.
    • However, "Crystal Rose", a LIGHT monster, supports the "Gem-Knight" archetype and can be used to Fusion Summon this card.
  • This card is named after Seraphinite, a trade name for a particular form of clinochlore, a member of the Chlorite group.
    • This stone's name is, in turn, a reference to the Seraphim, the angels of heaven.