• True to its name, this monster's eyes have a galaxy-like pattern.
  • This card has the same ATK as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Armed Dragon LV10", and "Red Dragon Archfiend", the signature cards of Seto Kaiba, Chazz Princeton and Jack Atlas, the rivals in the previous anime series.
    • Like "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", this card's stronger form, "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", also has 3 heads and 4500 ATK;
    • Also, this card has the same DEF, Level, Attribute and Type as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon";
    • Furthering its similarities to "Red Dragon Archfiend", in ZEXAL episode 24, Kite calls this card "Ore no tamashii" (lit. "My soul"), which is similar to what Jack Atlas calls "Red Dragon Archfiend" in the Japanese version of 5D's.
    • Another similarity to "Red Dragon Archfiend" and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" is facing the opposite way in its artwork to "Number 39: Utopia", similar to how "Blue-Eyes" faces the opposite way to "Dark Magician" and how "Red Dragon Archfiend" faces the opposite way to "Stardust Dragon".
  • In the anime, after this monster is Summoned, its body remains its basic dull, purple color until it steals Xyz Materials, which then make its scales and the jewels on its body light up and glow brightly.
  • In both the anime and the manga, when this card is Summoned, it appears as a four-sided star that absorbs all light around it, and then takes the form of this monster.
    • This is similar to the sealed form of the "Number" cards.
  • In the Facebook game "Social Empires", there is a dragon based on this card called "Galaxy Dragon".

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