• This is the "Galaxy-Eyes" equivalent of the "The White Stone of Legend", having the same ATK, DEF, Level, Attribute, and role in its respective archetype.
    • This card's artwork and self-tributing effect also closely resemble "Red-Eyes B. Chick" and "The Black Stone of Legend".
    • This card's artwork depicts "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" being born from what appears to be a cosmic nebula, which is a cloud of dust, hydrogen, and other gasses in space. Inside these clouds are regions where stars are "born" from the gaseous elements clumping together, which reflects this card's depiction of the "birth" of a dragon whose eyes are (partially) composed of stars.
  • This is the only "Galaxy-Eyes" Dragon whose name is not directly based on a particle. The "cloud" in its name could refer to an electron cloud, which houses particles and is still a quantum property of matter.

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