• This card is the strongest Beast-Warrior monster in terms of combined ATK and DEF.
  • This card's name may be a play on "Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth" and "Naturia Leodrake". This would be fitting, due to the fact that those monsters would work as Fusion Materials.
    • "Gaia Knight", "Leodrake", and "Scrap Archfiend" are the only monsters that can be used as Fusion Materials for this card.
    • Also, "Gaia Knight" is a Warrior monster and Leodrake" is a Beast monster, which may explain this card being a Beast-Warrior.
  • This card is the only "Gaia Knight" monster whose ATK is neither 1600 nor 2600.
    • As a result, it has the highest ATK of all the members of that series with 3500.