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  • While "Gagagigo" himself is unedited, cards such as "Stumbling" and "Absolute End" have been edited to give him shorts.
  • The Spanish print of this card has an errata, lacking a diacritical mark in the word "tenía". "Tenia" is the Spanish word for "tapeworm".

Gagagigo's Story

In his younger days, he served Eria the Water Charmer as her familiar. During this time, he fought alongside her and many others. While in his younger days, he was nearly eaten by some monster plants while trying to get food, but was saved presumably by Eria. He eventually grows up into Gagagigo, and when Eria sacrifices her soul before being revived by the Ribbon of Rebirth, Gagagigo possesses her.

At some point he leaves her and sets off on his path to darkness. He eventually comes upon a warrior of light. They both engage in a battle that results in Gagagigo getting dragged into the other dimension through a Dimensional Prison that Freed creates. After being sent through Freed's Dimensional Fissure, Gagagigo finds himself trapped in another dimension (possibly Pandemonium or the Dark World). Forced to wander the area for some time, Gagagigo stumbles across what seems to be a bone yard, and would later use the technique he used to master the bone yard to teach Goblin Attack Force how to ice skate. Trouble soon ensues and he almost gets sacrificed on the Archfiends' Altar for Tribute. Luckily, he is rescued by the Marauding Captain and his soldiers.

However, before they can escape, they are attacked by an Inpachi who was defeated by the Marauding Captain. It soon came back empowered by the fiends to become Blazing Inpachi. They battle it and it is eventually defeated by Chopman in a desperate attempt to escape his Archfiend captors, leaving Inpachi as charcoal. During the battle, the Marauding Captain saves Gagagigo by taking a direct hit from a blast launched by Blazing Inpachi. This act deeply moves Gagagigo, bringing about a catharsis that inspires him to help his new-found friend. He then joins Marauding Captain in a war against the Invader of Darkness.

During one battle, Gagagigo deflects a blast from the Invader of Darkness that is aimed at one of Marauding Captain's men, saving the man in the same fashion the Marauding Captain saved him with, and proving his redemption. Some time after the battle, Gagagigo gains aid from Kozaky in the hope of gaining the necessary power to defeat the Invader of Darkness. With the help of Kozaky, Gagagigo has his body reconstructed to become Giga Gagagigo.

However, it turns out that Kozaky was working with the Archfiends to repair their Inpachis and the archfiend cybernetics that are fitted onto him prove to corrupt his mind, reverting him back to his evil self. Kozaky then launches Giga Gagagigo with his Compulsory Evacuation Device into a Monster Gate in the sky and returns him to his native dimension. As he is mindlessly wandering the dimension in search of opponents, Giga Gagagigo comes across a Venom Cobra and battles it to test his strength. Afterward, Giga Gagagigo stumbles across Freed and attempts to finish him off by launching an attack.

Yet Freed proves to be the stronger warrior and deflects Giga Gagagigo's attack. Giga Gagagigo gets his attack redirected back at him and is soon defeated. Obsessed to continue gaining strength to defeat his rivals, Giga Gagagigo continues his rampage, transforms into Gogiga Gagagigo, and truly loses his soul to his undying craving for power. Yet again, he engages Freed in a battle, but this time he was able to overpower him. When he was about to give him a finishing blow, the Marauding Captain appears to protect Freed.

Instead of following his corrupted instincts, Gogigo Gagagigo remembers their oath and understands Marauding Captain's actions, and relinquishes his desire for power. Thus, he finally becomes the strong warrior of justice he once sought out to be, Gagagigo the Risen. He captures "Sword Breaker" and is rewarded with a new coat.

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