• "Fushioh" (不死王 fushiō) in Japanese means "Immortal King."
  • A lich (Japanese: リッチー ritchī) is a dark priest or spellcaster turned into an undead king after a ritual (hence this card's Zombie-Type the requirement that the DARK Spellcaster "Great Dezard" be Tributed to Summon this card). Given the Japanese spelling, the word "Richie" in this card's English name is likely a mistranslation.
  • The "Nosferatu" in this card's Japanese name is a Romanian word meaning "Devil" or "Vampire".
  • The Beginner's Edition 2 (2011) reprint of this card has a typographical error; instead of stating "DEF/ 2900" for its DEF, it instead states "DEF 2900".

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