• "Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan" 「風林火山」 means "Wind-Forest-Fire-Mountain" in Japanese.
    • In historical context, "Fūrinkazan" refers to Takeda Shingen's battle standard; 「疾きこと風の如く、徐かなること林の如く、侵掠すること火の如く、動かざること山の如し」. In English, this translates to; "Move as swift as the wind, stay as silent as a forest, attack as fierce as fire, unmovable defense like a mountain".
  • This card's initial constraints for activation are shared with "Elemental Burst's".
    • Fittingly, this card's first two options can in this case be seen as an combo of the said card's effect as it Destroys all cards on the Field.

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