• This card is a counterpart of "Foolish Burial". This card returns one card from your opponent's Graveyard to their deck while "Foolish Burial" sends a monster from your deck to the Graveyard.
    • Also, this card is a Quick-Play while "Foolish Burial" is a Normal.
    • Additionally, this card seems to have been created to counter "Foolish Burial".
  • The art of this card would seem to imply at least one of two things.
    • First, that the bundle of flowers clutched by the iconic hand are a "gift" to the other player, which, tying into its name, would hint that the flowers, as a gift, represent the returned card. And in many circumstances, returning a card to your opponent could be considered foolish indeed.
    • Second, flowers are often the symbol of one with amorous intent, and this may be the holder's reason for giving them. Thus, it could make the darkly comic implication that the hand belongs to an unwanted suitor or other such applicant who was sealed beneath the floorboards for their unwanted advances (Perhaps after being supposedly "killed"), but still responds with the flowers as a symbol of their love. This also ties into the theme of a "foolish" decision, and the theme of "Foolish Burial", that being a man (Or woman) returning from the grave after supposedly passing on.

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